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SUVIANA LAKE olimpic distance. 27.5.18

After 2 training camps and lots of training, finally it’s time for some races…

The first race of the season for me is only a green race (=in toni’s language it’s only a training race, non tapering and no expectations). It’s an olimpic distance and we swim in a lake. It’s a warm day and the water is very pleasant.

I have my new blueseventy wetsuit and i’m very excited to see at what point i stand. Guns are set off and we start; i swim fast at the beginning and then settle on my pace. Two girls in front, too fast for me, i am on my own as i make my way through the water. I’m actually quite enjoying it, i look back and the gap with the slower girls is big. Still about 200m to go and my arms start aching, the last meters are always the worst for me: when i think i’m arrived but the shore never seems to get closer. Anyway i finally get out of the water and run up the steep shore to T1. I feel a bit tired, my legs are heavy but i’m 3rd. I hop on my bike and off i go. Now i feel at home, i’m confident on my bike, we’ve done so many rides in the last months, up and down mountains, 60-80-100 rpm , f z z- full…i push hard on my pedals. I know the girls in front can’t be that far.

I remember to eat and drink even if probably not enough. The roads are very bad, full of holes and lots of bends, so i find it difficult to take a hand off the handlebar to drink. On the first steep hill i catch the second girl, and i pass her in a flash. I can see the first girl, she’s there in front of me, a bend ahead . there is a section of 2-3% incline with not many bends, i’m in aero position and i start with my 60rpm , i soon catch up with the first girl and pass her. Oh dear, i am first now, it’s never happened to me before, i’m not wolf anymore, i’m in the lead…what should i do?, keep pushing or save my energy? I turn around and the second girl has disappeared from my sight; i carry on, 3rd steep hill, and gosh…my legs are so tired ,.. I struggle up that last ramp, knowing that after that it’s only downhill to T2.

I hear the speaker in t2 announcing the first woman arriving, and I hear my name! it’s unbelievable. It’s never happened before. I jump off my bike, slip on my running shoes and I’m off again. I feel good now, on my feet. I like running, I just have to keep a regular pace and I’ll be fine, people around me are cheering, it’s such an incredible situation, adrenaline flows inside me, I run fluid and regular, I’m confident, then all of a sudden the course goes steep down towards the lake, the road becomes a dirt road and the it is soon a trail! Steps up and down , obstacles to jump, roots to avoid, little bridges to cross… ehi, wait a minute, this was not written it the briefing, I wasn’t expecting such a course. And I have to do two rounds…. My legs are burning, but I know I have the energy to carry on, it’s my day, its my moment …

I get to the finish line…. A bunch of kids are waiting for me with coloured ballons, we run together to the finish line ... thank you toni,….thank you natascha …. For making all this possible!

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